Gold'N Cut

Gold N Cut Sections

Exceptional performance for combine headers, hay machines and windrowers!

 The Gold'N Cut section utilizes a coarse serration that sharpens itself as wearing occurs.  Ideal for combining, giving you the longest wear for your money.  All sickle sections feature bolt-on convenience and are heat treated for superior cutting life.

The Gold'N Cut system comes with a 100 percent guarantee and other great features!

  • Crary's patented Gold Guard
  • Spring-loaded Hold Downs
  • 3 styles of sections to choose from
  • First season replacement guarantee 
  • Longer wear life
  • Less crop shatter
  • Increases crop feeding capabilities
  • Increased ground speeds
  • Complete systems can be shipped via UPS
Gold'N Cut offers 3 models of plated Sickle Sections:
  • Top serrated fine, used for fine stem crops, such as, grass or hay.
  • Bottom serrated fine, also used for fine stem crops, such as, grass or hay.
  • Top serrated coarse, used for more coarse stem crops, such as, soybeans or small grains.


"The Gold'N Cut system allowed us to cut more beans in a day with the simple design with no down time and faster ground speeds even on our rock infested fields."
-Rob M. Avalon, WI


FAQFrequently Asked Questions

When is it appropriate to use fine serrated sections as opposed to coarse serrated sections?

We recommend that hay systems use fine serrated sections and combine systems use coarse serrated. However some users prefer coarse serrated when cutting Alfalfa.

Are Crary GOLD Guards and Gold'N Cut Sections able to substitute with OEM guards and sections?

Yes, by allowing the interchangeability of OEM guards and sections with the GOLD Guards and Gold'N Cut sections, the customer has less down time.

Does the Gold'N Cut have any kind of warranty?

The Gold'N Cut has a seven day satisfaction guarantee, and a one year GOLD Guard breakage warranty.

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