Gold'N Cut

Gold Guards

Increased ground speed!

Gold Guards has an exclusive design with a full point next to a minipoint, that actually doubles the number of cutting surfaces for twice the cutting action of every sickle stroke.  Gold Guards also reduce plant side-to-side movement by half-this keeps shelling and shatter loss to an absolute minimum.  The heat treated, forged Gold Guards promote increased ground speed, longer life and less maintenance.


" Each year for the past 8 years I've tried to cut a small patch of real tough grass that always plugged the swather up.  This year I put on a set of Gold Guard and spring loaded hold downs, and I walked right through that piece of ground with no trouble.  I would recommend this cutting system to anyone."
-Robert D. Samantra, MT

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Are Crary GOLD Guards able to substitute with OEM guards?

Yes, by allowing the interchangeability of OEM guards with the GOLD Guards, the customer has less down time.

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