Gold'N Cut

ThunderBOLT Sickle Bar

The precious metal connection!

ThunderBOLT's piece by piece design lets you build the exact sickle bar length you need.  Easy to assemble interlocking/overlapping bar bolts together for greater field convenience. ThunderBOLT Sickles are able to ship via UPS. Easy to carry and store.

Available with Gold'N Cut or KingKut Sections


"A rugged yet precise system with the ThunderBOLT sickle, makes for quick easy maintenance.  The whole system was well engineered and manufactured."
-Richard R. Kalispell MT

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Is the drive head included with a ThunderBOLT?

No, Crary allows the cutting system to work with an existing head, reducing the overall cost to the customer.

I have a 20 foot head, is there a ThunderBOLT made to fit that size?

Yes, ThunderBOLT can be made for any size, between 5 and 42 feet.

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